Thursday, May 29, 2008


We recently went fishing with our friends, The Stowes and although we didn't catch anything, we had a great time!

Bop Bop stopped by with a snake he had caught to show the girls.

Elizabeth loved it and carried it to a tree to let it go.

Martha wasn't as brave, but loved "Slimy the worm!"

Mamie & Bop's "Swimming Pool"

The girls love to help Mamie and Bop water the flowers...any excuse to use the water hose!!! And they also discovered a "swimming pool" that they love to play in!

Martha, being 2 hasn't quite caught on to the meaning of a swimming suit. She thinks that once it gets wet, she is supposed to take it off! We'll have to see how well that goes over next week at the beach!

Precious girls!

Party Time

Happy 5th Birthday Dibbit!

Elizabeth is celebrating her 5th birthday this weekend and since she will be at the beach, we already had her party. She celebrated with her friend, Madelyn who has a birthday this week too. They invited 4 friends to go for a "spa day!" and then we went to McDonald's "all dolled up!" They had a great time! She kept saying, "This is the best day of my life!"

Martha had to out on some "yip-tick" too! She's really pretty good at it!

Friday, May 23, 2008

Mother's Day

For Mother's Day, Jamie and the girls gave me a double jogging stroller. I guess when Baby Amy comes (soon!), Elizabeth will have to start jogging beside me! I am such a thankful mother to be blessed with such a wonderful family. I couldn't ask for anything more!

The Velveteen Rabbit recital

Martha 2 1/2 Elizabeth (5 June 1)

Elizabeth loved ballet this year. Her end of the year recital was The Velveteen Rabbit. I don't know if she loved ballet or getting to see her Moss cousins each week more! We had a great time and all of the girls (and George IV!) did a great job! We were also thankful some of the Carpenter crew could come see!

We love Aunt Lollie, Rho Rho, Gigi and Granny!

Eight of the soon-to-be eleven Moss grandchildren with Mamie and Bop Bop!

Daddy's little bunny!

The Jamie Carpenter Family

We have decided to join the world of bloggers! I don't know why I think today is a good time?! With baby girl #3 on the way, a house in the midst of a renovation and 2 busy kids to keep up with each day...But here we are...Hope I can update it more often than I send pictures to you all! I am not too good at that anymore! Maybe this way you can see what we Carpenter's are up to!