Friday, November 25, 2011

Thanksgiving at The Moss Farm

Who needs a deer stand?! Where are Elizabeth and Ann-Wesley?!!!

Bop Bop and West on the annual "after-we-eat-too-much-walk-on-the-farm"

Philip, Martha, Ann-Wesley,Elizabeth, Samuel, Thomas and Anna

Renie, Emily, Mama Em, Mamie and Beverly

Mama and Amy, 3 years old Martha, 6 and Amy, 3

Figured it was time to update since West, 16 months, can now handle and ax & chop wood!

Martha, Philip, 6 and Hannah our new dog

The Moss Clan who are responsible for the 14 grandchildren!!!

This is for you Jack Parker!

Well, I have been "called out" by our dear friend Jack Parker on not updating my blog site! As far as I know, no one else even looks at it or would know that it has been a year or so since we have updated! So these updates are for you Jack!!! (We LOVED having ya'll in Brownsville today! We should make that a tradition! Maybe we could get all the Parkers to come to the farm next year for Thanksgiving?!)