Saturday, January 10, 2009

Christmas 2008

We started in Brownsville at mama and daddy's with 11 Moss grandchildren performing the Christmas Pagent. We had Caesar, angels, shepherds, Mary, Joseph & baby Jesus and even cows! An award winning performance by all!

After opening presents and celebrating with the Moss famiy, we headed to Greenville for more fun...

Charlie and Martha...LOVING the box!

Rho Rho, Martha Clair, Lilly and Charlie.

Cousin Mallory and our girls. They LOVE Mal Mal! Elizabeth even learned to do the "Upward Mallory!"

I have LOTS more to add...taking a break! Will put more on later!

Mama Em and Amy Moss

I've been behind!

Whew! I am behind! The holidays kept us so busy that time got away from me! So I am now attempting to put a few updated pics on here! We had a wonderful holiday season...

Thanksgiving...we spent at the Moss Farm with family from both sides.