Tuesday, December 22, 2009


Mamie has forced me to update my blog since she sent out the link in her Christmas letter! Hopefully, everyone hasn't already looked and given up on the Carpenters! We have been busy this fall with school, work and our biggest news...we are having baby #4 in July. We are due July 6 and everyone is so excited! Elizabeth was Molly the American Girl Doll in our church Christmas musical and did a great job! Amy is 18 months...thinks she's six...and does much of what her sisters do! Martha, 4, is going to preschool at church 2 days a week and has decided she loves school! Elizabeth, 6, is in first grade and her biggest news is that she lost a front tooth for Christmas! She had to have her bottom 4 pulled last year, so this is the first tooth she actually lost on her own. Jamie pulled it out early one morning...they were both suprised! It was really cute!

We went to the Memphis Zoo to Zoo Lights with Aunt Lollie recently and had a blast! Then the best part for the girls was that they got to go home and spend the night with Lollie! I think it has been the highlight of their Christmas break!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Dove Hunting

Jamie and I took the two older girls dove hunting Labor Day weekend. Amy was waiting at home in the frying pan...but we didn't have much to bring home to fry-up!!! But we had a great time!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

First Days of School

Elizabeth started first grade on Monday and Martha had her first day of preschool on Tuesday. They both love their teachers and are looking forward to a great year!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Beach Weeks

We went to the Moss Family Reunion the week prior to going with the Carpenters...Here are a few pics...

The WHOLE Moss Family...or at least those that could be there...There were about 72 of us this year, I think! It is such an awesome week! My parents and their grandchildren...11...with #12 on the way...My brother George and Beverly are expecting in October.

Amy turns ONE!

We had another birthday girl in June...Amy turned one and started walking on her birthday! We were at the beach with the Carpenter's and celebrated with her cousin Lilly who turned one 3 days later! Such a cute pair!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Elizabeth turns SIX!

Elizabeth turned 6 on June 1. We can't believe it! We are so proud of her...she is such a sweet daughter. We had all the family come to our house to celebrate. Elizabeth wanted her cousins to come run in the sprinkler and she planned our dinner menu...steak, baked potato, corn pudding and devlied eggs!! It was delicious!

Our Three Girls

I haven't posted in a while...sorry! But these precious babies are what I've been busy with!

Aren't they adorable!? Elizabeth (6), Martha 3 1/2, and Amy (1 on June 19)

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Bungee Girl!

We went to Birmingham for our cousin Helen's first birthday this weekend and went to the Galleria. Elizabeth decided she wanted to try the bungee jumping in the middle of the mall. I videoed her on my phone so the quality is not that great...She loved it!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Let it SNOW!

Jamie and I went to Nashville Saturday night for a wedding...and while we were gone, places around Brownsville got up to 18 inches of snow!! It was amazing! Elizabeth, Martha and Amy were staying with Mamie who was at a meeting when the snow started. George and Beverly were keeping the girls & when Mamie made it back to their house (in the middle of the snow-fall...Mamie said it was like a blizzard...)they couldn't make it home! So, they got to spend the night with cousns...what a treat! We made it to Bells Sunday to get them...they had been playing...so, when we got home late that afternoon, we managed to get in a little bit more play...and a snowman!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Christmas 2008

We started in Brownsville at mama and daddy's with 11 Moss grandchildren performing the Christmas Pagent. We had Caesar, angels, shepherds, Mary, Joseph & baby Jesus and even cows! An award winning performance by all!

After opening presents and celebrating with the Moss famiy, we headed to Greenville for more fun...

Charlie and Martha...LOVING the box!

Rho Rho, Martha Clair, Lilly and Charlie.

Cousin Mallory and our girls. They LOVE Mal Mal! Elizabeth even learned to do the "Upward Mallory!"

I have LOTS more to add...taking a break! Will put more on later!

Mama Em and Amy Moss

I've been behind!

Whew! I am behind! The holidays kept us so busy that time got away from me! So I am now attempting to put a few updated pics on here! We had a wonderful holiday season...

Thanksgiving...we spent at the Moss Farm with family from both sides.