Tuesday, December 22, 2009


Mamie has forced me to update my blog since she sent out the link in her Christmas letter! Hopefully, everyone hasn't already looked and given up on the Carpenters! We have been busy this fall with school, work and our biggest news...we are having baby #4 in July. We are due July 6 and everyone is so excited! Elizabeth was Molly the American Girl Doll in our church Christmas musical and did a great job! Amy is 18 months...thinks she's six...and does much of what her sisters do! Martha, 4, is going to preschool at church 2 days a week and has decided she loves school! Elizabeth, 6, is in first grade and her biggest news is that she lost a front tooth for Christmas! She had to have her bottom 4 pulled last year, so this is the first tooth she actually lost on her own. Jamie pulled it out early one morning...they were both suprised! It was really cute!

We went to the Memphis Zoo to Zoo Lights with Aunt Lollie recently and had a blast! Then the best part for the girls was that they got to go home and spend the night with Lollie! I think it has been the highlight of their Christmas break!